Investment Management Customized For You

Investing in your future.You want to invest with knowledgeable and experienced advisors who offer a sound view of the investment world.

Investment Management

Our philosophy on investing

Our team offers depth of experience and breadth of knowledge, with an approach that balances wealth preservation, growth and income needs with prudent risk management. At Luma Wealth Advisors, we believe in:

  • Aligning customized portfolios with your goals
  • Building multi-asset class, diversified portfolios
  • Aiming to increase investment returns by taking appropriate market exposure without taking undue risk
  • Creating portfolios with liquidity, allowing clients to access funds when needed
  • Selecting investment opportunities through diligent investment research focused on risk and return
  • Minimizing investment expenses
  • Investing with a global perspective
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A personalized investment strategy

Your investment plan should reflect your investment views as well as your personal values. Our investment management process delivers confidence through diversified portfolios aligned with your goals, and our open architecture platform allows for portfolios to be managed and strategies implemented using a range of investment vehicles.

With a deep understanding of your professional life, personal situation and goals for the future, we build, implement and monitor your investment strategy.

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