You’re a star

At our anniversary celebration last month, each guest received a glittering ‘thank you’ star suncatcher to symbolize and celebrate how special our clients, employees, friends and family are to Luma Wealth. The stars were offered in an array of colors, and guests selected the one they liked best.

According to color theory (a controversial philosophy on the association between color and behavior), the color you chose may reflect more than just the sun. What do you think?

Does your hue reflect you?*

  • Red signifies excitement, passion and courage and is used to draw attention
  • Orange conveys optimism, independence, fun and creativity and is fascinating
  • Yellow is enthusiastic, happy, spontaneous and energizing
  • Green reflects safety, reliability and stability and helps you relax
  • Blue is honest, trustworthy and loyal; it creates calm and makes you feel secure
  • Violet is mysterious and compassionate and inspires creativity
  • Pink is playful, motivational and fascinating
  • Black suggests power and elegance; it’s associated with mystery and radiates authority

Or are you all of the above?
Every woman is unique and multidimensional, and we’re here to help you plan for every color of your rainbow.

Stars were created by Becky and Kurt Knudsen at

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