Your Time is an Asset

In a room high atop Hearst Tower in May, Heather Ettinger, Luma Wealth founder, and fellow panelists Emily Wrightson, Director, Cammack Retirement Group, and Jane Francisco, Editorial Director, Hearst Lifestyle Group, provided valuable tips to help women take charge of their financial futures. The event, entitled Your Time is an Asset, was moderated by Jenine Garrelick, Senior Managing Director, MFS Investment Management.

Each life stage brings different financial issues.
The expert panelists shared stories and ideas for helping women set financial priorities and overcome financial anxieties throughout life’s stages and transitions. For those who couldn’t make it to the event, we’re sharing Heather’s insights into some of the key issues raised.

Heather’s tips for women starting out and planning for the future:
Negotiate your first salary. It’s something men typically do but most women do not. Yet, of the 7% of women who negotiate, 89% are successful. A higher salary sets you up to save more sooner and for larger increases, both of which can really compound and add up over time. Take the time to attend your company’s benefits meetings. There is a real cost associated with not participating in the firm’s retirement savings plan, health plan, flex savings or other plans.

Heather’s tips for women who are getting married…or divorced:
When you get married, make sure you know the assets you bring into the relationship, and maintain some financial independence (for example, keep a credit card in your name). Take the time to communicate openly with your spouse about finances to avoid financial stress (the second highest cause of divorce, after infidelity), and stay on top of your finances.

Heather’s tips for women concerned about raising financially responsible children:
Begin providing financial education to your children when they are young. For example, explain how you choose to spend money. Once they are older, allow your children to budget for the things they want because if they make a mistake while living under your roof, it will be less costly. Take the time to share stories about money mistakes you’ve made, which can serve as valuable learning for them.

Managing your wealth can be complex, but you don’t have to go it alone.
Take the time to meet with your wealth advisor who can help you navigate life’s transitions, seize opportunities and guide you to your long-term goals.

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