You deserve an encore!

When You’re Not Ready to Bow Out

Are you winding down your primary career, but not quite ready to retire?  Stay engaged and continue generating income through an encore career, which can provide immense emotional, mental, social and other benefits, including:


A financial boost beyond a salary. When you work longer you may:

  • Reduce the number of years you rely upon investments and savings for income
  • Maintain your insurance benefits
  • Continue to build up your retirement nest egg either via contributions to a company 401k or a self employed retirement plan
  • Increase your Social Security benefits


Postponing Social Security benefits past your full retirement age (up through age 70) could increase your annual amount by 8% for every year you wait.*


The opportunity to do something you love. Leverage your skills and experience to make a difference and contribute to your community by giving your time to a non-profit. Although these jobs may pay less, they provide meaningful service.


Flexibility and freedom. Take advantage of your connections to go out on your own as a coach or consultant. Your experience and knowledge can help others build their careers, and you may be able to work from home and set your own hours.


An encore career can enhance your financial security, enable you to give back and offer you the right lifestyle balance for your ‘retirement years.’ Your age and wisdom can be your biggest assets in the second chapter of your career.


We can help you tackle the challenges of life’s transitions, whether you’re bowing out or segueing into an encore career. Read the Bulletin for tips to reduce stress when life is changing. For wealth protection strategies, contact a Luma Wealth advisor or attend one of our informative events.