You can’t time the market

Everyone wants to buy low and sell high. However, timing the market (making your buying and selling investment decisions based on what you think the market is going to do) can be risky, because it is nearly impossible to get the timing right consistently.

What can go wrong?
Financial markets are complex, with short-term movements based on a multitude of variables (many impossible to predict). You may end up selling when you (mistakenly) believe an investment has peaked, only to miss out on returns or end up buying back in at a higher price.

The Luma Wealth approach
At Luma Wealth, we don’t try to time the market. Instead, we believe in prudent diversification and look for and manage exposure to longer-term themes, identifying investments that may outperform in given market conditions – because high performers can vary for different time periods, as you can see by the asset class returns, below.

Achieving your long-term investment goals
Over time, we believe the best approach is to create a strategic and tactical asset allocation strategy based on your needs and time horizon, with periodic rebalancing to make sure your investment strategy remains disciplined and appropriate for your goals.

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