Women medical professionals – can you pass our wealth exam?

Women in Medicine Deserve Specialized Care

Women in medicine spend their days caring for patients, making sure their practices run smoothly and keeping up with the latest in technology and industry trends, all while juggling family needs. It can be difficult to find time for wealth planning.

However, when you have a career in medicine, you’re presented with unique financial challenges as well as opportunities. Do you have the information you need to achieve your financial goals? Take our exam to find out:


Wealth Planning Exam

1. When you’re starting your career, should you prioritize paying off student loans or saving for retirement?

2. Does having student loans affect your credit rating or ability to get mortgage or practice loan?

3. How do you financially evaluate whether it’s preferable to join a practice, set up your own practice or buy an existing practice?

4. If you own your own practice, do you know how to calculate its worth?

5. Are you sufficiently protected in the event of malpractice, disability or other unexpected situation that may impact your earnings?

6. Does your investment strategy align with your goals and your values?

7. When it’s time to retire, do you have an exit strategy?

8. What’s the best way to raise capital if you’re looking to expand your practice or purchase new equipment?

9. Can you afford to achieve your philanthropic goals?

10. Is your estate plan properly structured to provide for your loved ones?

Whether you’re in a practice or a practice owner, a resident or nearing retirement, you have specialized wealth planning needs and deserve specialized care.

If you need help answering any of these questions or want to discuss other wealth planning issues, schedule your next financial check-up. Your wealth advisor can help you maintain good financial health to help you achieve your wealth goals.

Discover how to benefit from comprehensive wealth planning for women.
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