What is financial freedom?

The Pursuit of Happiness

In 1776, our founding fathers declared the nation’s independence and protected our right to the pursuit of happiness. And while money can’t buy happiness, having enough to achieve financial independence allows you to make choices without monetary constraints so you can go after what brings you joy.

How does one achieve financial freedom? Your Luma Wealth advisor can help you with

Financial goals. Goals are motivating, empowering and personal to you. While one person may hope to launch a business, another may want to retire and travel the world or support a favorite cause. Your wealth advisor helps you map out your plan to fund your wish list as well as provide for ordinary expenses and unanticipated emergencies or life transitions.

A personalized investment strategy. You want your money to work for you. Your advisor will help you create an investment plan and asset allocation strategy that aligns with your needs, goals and time frames.

Checks and balances. Your financial situation and life circumstances will change over time. Your advisor will meet with you to periodically re-evaluate your wealth plan and ensure it continues to support your evolving needs and situation.

Get inspired by the story of our country and fight for your financial freedom. Talk to your advisor, and join us for a Solutions for Women event to learn about customized financial planning that can help you achieve your inalienable right to happiness.