What do Olympic hockey and wealth planning have in common?

The U.S. women’s hockey team takes to the ice today against Russia – 23 experienced and skilled athletes skating fearlessly and giving it their all to take home the gold. We can learn a lot from these women, because working toward Olympic dreams has a lot in common with working toward wealth goals. For example:

#1: Experience and skill are important
Great hockey players have worked for years to master the basics: expert footwork (skating forwards and backwards), dexterous control of the stick, effortless passing, shooting and defending. Likewise, your Luma Wealth advisors are experienced and credentialed, using a proven, consultative approach to wealth planning: identifying your unique wealth goals, developing your customized wealth plan and implementing your personalized investment strategy, matched to your goals, time horizon and feelings about risk.

#2: It takes teamwork
Every member of the women’s ice hockey team plays a critical role, whether it’s offense, defense or goaltending. They work together, seamlessly and strategically, for a unified purpose. At Luma Wealth, your dedicated team of financial professionals work strategically to help you achieve your wealth goals. Your advisor serves as your convenient, central point of contact, seamlessly coordinating your plan with your other advisors including CPAs, attorneys, and trust officers.

#3: Everyone falls; success is about getting back up
In the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the women’s hockey team lost a heartbreaking game to Canada, in overtime, and settled for the bronze. They’ve since refocused on improving and making necessary technical adjustments. Many women face life changing moments and significant losses, such as divorce or loss of a spouse. Your Luma Wealth Advisor is there to help you prepare for life’s expected and unexpected transitions, and help you get back on your feet and on track to your goals should you experience a loss.

Join us in tracking the journey of the women’s hockey team and rooting for them to reach the top of the podium in 2018.

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