Wealth Planning for Same Sex Couples

In 2015, the Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling on Obergefell vs. Hodges, same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states. Working with a financial advisor who understands the wealth, tax and healthcare planning issues you may face as a same-sex couple can still be valuable, especially if you’ve opted not to legally marry, and remain in a domestic partnership or civil union.

Is your current wealth plan outdated?
If you’ve married, but developed your wealth plan before the ruling, your wealth plan needs updating to reflect the rights of a legally married couple.

Thinking of starting a family?
There are many options for starting a family, some of which can be costly. You may need help with financial planning to cover the expense of adoption or fertility treatments. Then once you become parents, you’ll need help preparing for the cost of higher education.

Not yet married?
If you’ve chosen not to legally marry, wealth planning can be more complicated, as you may not have the same legal rights as a married couple. Luma Wealth Advisors helps with all aspects of wealth planning, including estate planning, healthcare and health decision making and sorting through your IRA and Social Security benefits.

Worried about discrimination or other issues you may face?
If you have concerns about your employment and think you may need to make a change, Luma Wealth can help you evaluate your career opportunities, ask the right questions, identify key issues and help you negotiate your compensation and benefits.

Get support from people who understand
Luma Wealth helps women plan for the future. We offer a variety of educational and social events to help you learn, laugh and share your journey with a supportive community of women who care.

Discover how to benefit from comprehensive wealth planning for women.
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