Thinking of selling your business?

It can be difficult to think about transitioning away from your business, especially when you feel that stage is many years away. However, it is extremely important to plan ahead. Having a succession plan in place before you step away can protect your business.

Choose the right succession strategy for you.
When it’s time to sell, there is a lot at stake. In addition to your financial investment, you may be emotionally invested, especially if the business is part of your family history. You may have poured your heart and soul into the business over the years, and your feelings can affect your personal valuation of the business.

Get the most from what you’ve built.
You need to understand your business’ true market value, as well as the tax liabilities associated with its sale. An experienced wealth planner can help you take steps to ensure that the value of your business is maximized and estate taxes are minimized.

Luma Wealth Advisors can guide you.
If you choose to pass your business on to family members, we will help facilitate conversations about the transition, with considerations of your family’s best interest. Or, if you choose to sell your business to a business partner, employees or a third party on the open market, Luma Wealth Advisors will help you get it done.

For a transition strategy that meets your personal vision for your business, rely on Luma Wealth Advisors for direction.

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