The Woman Who Revealed the Declaration’s Signers

At Luma Wealth Advisors, we know that every woman is unique and has her own personal, professional and wealth planning goals. That’s why we’re celebrating Independence Day by sharing the story of a unique and revolutionary woman who played an important role in U.S. history.

A businesswoman ahead of her time
Mary Katherine Goddard (1738 – 1816) ran her brother William’s printing and publishing companies (while he worked on establishing the U.S. postal system), and she is renowned for being the first female newspaper publisher in America. In 1775, she also became the first female postmaster in the colonies and served the Baltimore post office for 14 years.

Famous for her patriotism
Beyond these two accomplishments, it was also Mary’s courage that made her an important part of history. In January 1777, she published the first copy of the Declaration of Independence with the signers’ identities revealed ─ despite the risk associated with printing what was considered to be a treasonous and controversial document. Until then, copies of the Declaration of Independence had only been printed without the signers’ names.

Faced with a transition
After thrusting the Founding Fathers into fame, Mary continued running the printing business. Unfortunately, in 1784 she had a falling out with her brother, and left the business to run a bookshop in Baltimore.

Declare your independence
Like Mary, many successful and courageous women eventually face a situation they aren’t expecting and need to transition into a new career or life situation. Luma Wealth can help you prepare and respond.

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