Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Do you find yourself on public Wi-Fi every now and then, in a coffee shop, an airport lounge, library or hotel? Although convenient, public Wi-Fi isn’t always safe, and it’s best to take precautions to protect your information, for example:

  1. Choose the most secure connection. If the network you’re using didn’t require a password, it’s probably not secure. You’re better off using password required Wi-Fi connections or your data network.
  2. Only visit secure websites. Websites that start with https:// on every page, are safer than those that begin with http://. The “s” indicates the site is security enabled.
  3. Consider using a VPN. A virtual private network allows you to encrypt the connection between your device and the internet, which makes communications more secure.
  4. Cover your tracks. When using a public computer, never opt to “remember me,” and when you’re done, close all browser tabs and log out of all accounts.
  5. Limit what you do. It’s best not to shop online or conduct financial transactions when using a public computer or public Wi-Fi and avoid visiting any sites that require you to enter personal information.

At Luma Wealth, we want clients to keep their financial information safe! If you’ve been on the go using pubic Wi-Fi, be sure to review your financial statements when they are available and immediately report anything that seems suspicious.

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