Pre-planning = peace of mind

Putting Your Affairs In Order

While no one likes to think about death, planning your funeral is an act of love that will relieve your family of added stress and the need to make quick decisions when they are grieving. Pre-planning also provides a sense of control in how you’ll be remembered. Consider it an extension of estate planning, because it’s another way to define your legacy and protect your loved ones.

There are several additional benefits to pre-planning:

Communicate your wishes. Would you prefer a non-sectarian celebration of life or a traditional religious ceremony? Are there particular prayers, songs or speakers you want included? Pre-planning allows you to set the tone for your service and makes things easier for your loved ones.

Give yourself peace of mind. Enjoy life knowing that when the time comes, your affairs are in order.

Take care of the financial aspect. You have the option to pre-pay, and potentially lock in the cost, or specify your requests which can be kept on file, with funds in your estate allocated for payment to make things easier for your loved ones.

Iron out the details. There are a lot of logistics involved, including contacting friends and relatives, employers, attorneys and financial professionals. Make sure your loved ones have the important information they’ll need, such as the names and phone numbers of people they will have to contact as well as information they will need to know about you.

Make pressure-free decisions. Planning in advance gives you the opportunity to discuss your wishes with your loved ones. You can also include them in important decisions, such as the selection of cemetery property and monument wording.

If you have elderly parents, you may want to ask whether they’ve made final arrangements you should know about. It can be a difficult conversation to initiate but it lets them know you want to ensure everything is done per their wishes.

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