Nobody wants to think about losing their spouse

Nobody wants to think about losing their spouse. Yet, eighty percent of women outlive their husbands and far too many marriages end up in divorce. Prepared to or not, most women eventually find themselves at the helm of the financial wheel.

Stay on track, financially
The loss of a spouse is a significant life transition that can be emotionally devastating. If you find yourself in this situation, you want a financial advisor who will help you handle your immediate financial issues, give you the information and tools you need to build financial confidence, and guide you on a new path toward your wealth goals.

Gain skills, get confidence
Luma Wealth makes it easy for you to feel more confident about wealth planning and investing. We offer comprehensive wealth management and financial education for the whole family, so you can feel in control of your wealth goals.

Feel hopeful, make connections
Luma Wealth helps women through life’s transitions. We offer a variety of events to help you learn, laugh and share your journey with a supportive community of women who care.

Discover how to benefit from comprehensive wealth planning for women.
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