Luma Wealth Bulletin

Luma Wealth Advisors is pleased to introduce you to the Bulletin, a quarterly publication offering Luma Wealth insights and information. In this issue, you’ll learn how to:
Protect your kids, even after they turn 18.
When your children turn 18, they become adults in the eyes of the law, even if they are living under your roof and eating all of your food. You may not be able to help them in time of an emergency without “Two documents every 18-year old should sign.”
Make your commute more pleasant.
Stuck in traffic? Driving the kids to soccer practice? We offer you tips for making the most of your time on the road.
Join our community.
Are you interested in making new connections and learning more about investing? Find out about upcoming Luma Wealth events and join the conversation!
Read the Bulletin.
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