Luma Wealth Bulletin


If you’re looking for a reason to pack your bags and explore the world, we offer you five in this issue of the Luma Wealth Bulletin. In our vacation planning issue, you’ll discover:

  • Five reasons to take a vacation: Your wealth plan should include strategies for enjoying your wealth, and travel is something that can make you healthier and happier.
  • Tips to stay safe when traveling: We share sensible precautions that can help ensure you, your home and your possessions stay safe when you’re away.
  • Vacation ideas: Do you want to get away, but need ideas about where to go? We offer some bucket list vacations and travel ideas from the Luma Wealth team.

Download the Bulletin below.
Your Luma Wealth advisor can help you create a budget that includes a strategy for taking the vacation of your dreams. Read the vacation issue of the Bulletin for more information.

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