Luma Wealth Advisors is Different

Introducing Luma Wealth Advisors.  A think-out-of-the-box wealth planning organization that understands women are unique.

Your goals are important to us.
We take the time to listen and understand your financial situation, personal and professional goals, because we know one size does not fit all.

We help you take charge of your future.
Are you an expert in your field, but not in planning and investing? No worries. We’ve got your back. We’ll take the time to thoroughly explain our thinking to you, even teach you the basics of investing (if you’d like), so you feel in control of your wealth plan and your future.

Benefit from our team approach.
At Luma Wealth, experienced, empathetic and dedicated financial professionals offer respectful wealth planning, guidance and customized investment solutions.

Life happens. We help you stay on track.
Rest assured we will help you anticipate and prepare for transitions you may someday face. Whether you are sandwiched between two generations, transitioning into a new career or business venture, or facing the loss of your spouse, Luma Wealth will be there for you, helping keep your financial life on course.

Benefit from a supportive community.
We know your well-being goes beyond your wealth, so we provide you with community. Enjoy a range of social, educational and career building events, and the opportunity to get to know and celebrate other women like you ─ whether you are interested in philanthropic causes, raising financially responsible children or developing an advisory board for your business.

Discover how to benefit from comprehensive wealth planning for women.
Call us, toll free, at 866-995-6191, email or check out our website