Let’s Talk Turkey

According to historical accounts, the familiar saying, “Let’s Talk Turkey” (which has come to mean an honest and frank conversation) originated from a bartering exchange between a colonial settler and a Native American. It’s an idiom we relate to at Luma Wealth, because honest and direct conversation is fundamental to what we do, provide clients with personalized, straightforward guidance and support.

And since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we’d like to talk turkey about some of the things we’re thankful for, including our:

  • Clients. We feel lucky to have clients we truly enjoy exchanging ideas and celebrating with, at the variety of events we hold throughout the year. Visit our website to find out about what’s coming up, including a reception to honor our Community Beacon recipient.
  • Colleagues. We are grateful for our experienced and dedicated employees, centers of influence and friends who share our commitment to helping women of wealth achieve their goals.
  • Community. We value our deep connection to our community and make it a commitment to give back. This year, our Community Beacon recipient is the YWCA Greater Cleveland, which is celebrating 150 years of empowering women through leadership and other programs, including its support of the Norma Herr Women’s Center, a haven for displaced women.

We wish you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Who was Norma Herr?

Norma Herr was a wife and mother, estranged from her family when schizophrenia left her unable to think clearly. During her time at the women’s homeless shelter that would later bear her name, she made a significant impact on the other residents. The center was named after her to represent the uniqueness of women and the need to treat all women with dignity and respect.



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