Keep your story alive

Reach Across Generations


Estate planning is not only about money. In addition to your valuables, you may want to pass down your values, preserve your history and share life lessons with loved ones. Here are some tips for creating a holistic legacy to last for generations.

Decide what’s important to share
Start by listing what you wish you knew about your own ancestors ─ how they made a living…their biggest regrets…family recipes served at every holiday gathering. These very well may be the questions future generations ask about you. In addition, you may want to include messages that reinforce your values, such as your thoughts about charitable giving, tips for managing money or guidance on fostering relationships that endure.

Get creative
There are different ways to transition the intangible elements of your legacy. One option is to create an Ethical Will, a non-legally binding written document or recording you can store with your Estate Plan for your heirs. When preparing your Ethical Will, consider getting creative. If you’re an artist, paint a picture. If you’re a singer, record a song. Or, if you’d rather not wait, use family gatherings as an opportunity to share stories and answer questions your loved ones may have.

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