What’s in your juice?

Marshaling an intimate group of women business owners through her 5,000 square foot cold pressed juice production facility in Midtown Cleveland, Garden of Flavor’s Lisa Marie Reed glowed with enthusiasm for her business and her life. Following the tour, donning hairnets and lab coats, the group sampled a variety of juices and concocted their own combinations from ingredients including turmeric, kale, apple juice and cucumber.

Learning from a Luminary Leader
Luma Wealth’s community includes women, like Lisa, who are eager to share their successes to help others. While sipping juice-based cocktails in the barn at Dunham Tavern, we learned about her journey to success. Long a believer in healthy living, Lisa’s story began as a way of coping with life’s disappointments. Faced with job and personal loss, she turned to juicing to get healthier physically and mentally.

How Lisa carved her path

From cold calling a large grocer to personally tasting each batch, Lisa’s expertise and passion imprint the business and the products. While her longer-term goals are more strategic, a more hands-on approach worked well for launching the business. Lisa credits her success to several factors and believes these tips can help other entrepreneurs.

Believe in yourself. In the crowded and competitive juice market, Lisa knew she had the right product for the growing interest in organic juices.

Be passionate about what you do. Lisa’s lifelong gardening hobby serves her well as she works with organic farmers and vendors who share her passion.

Get into the details. Knowing every inch of the business allows Lisa to pitch her products with conviction.

Innovate. Creating new juice combinations comes naturally to Lisa and when she takes the time to develop new recipes, the rewards are worth it.


Today, this business luminary leads her team to produce eight varieties of completely organic cold pressed juices that can be found on grocery store shelves across the county.

Leading the evening’s discussion, Luma Wealth Advisor Andrew R. Connors asked Lisa,
“What’s your favorite book?”

She suggests picking up The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho for an inspirational choice that will keep you thinking long after you close the cover.




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