Invest to make an impact

Innovation drives change. You no longer navigate using unwieldy maps, thanks to your GPS; and if you’re listening to music while you drive, it’s probably not on a cassette tape. Over the years, the financial markets have evolved too, offering new opportunities to invest responsibly. Did you know that Luma Wealth offers impact investments, so you can invest consistent with your values and for a financial return?

What are impact investments?
According to the Global Impact Investing Network, impact investments are ‘investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.’ In addition to financial performance, impact investments also measure and report on the social and environmental performance of underlying investments.*

Is there a benefit?
Impact investments allow you to align your investments with your values without sacrificing returns. Research has shown that sustainable business practices can be good for corporate earnings by mitigating certain risks and increasing efficiencies

Can I achieve my wealth goals with impact investments?
Luma Wealth offers a range of impact investment portfolios to meet your investment needs and risk profile, so you can invest with your values and achieve your financial goals.

I’m intrigued. How can I get more information?
At Luma Wealth, our mission it to inspire women to achieve their wealth goals, and when clients expressed an interest in investing with their values, we listened. In September, Katie Sheehan, CFA, joined our team as a Portfolio Manager overseeing the firm’s impact investing, and is happy to meet with clients to provide additional information and discuss the benefits.

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