Introducing Luma Wealth Advisors

Understanding Women’s Wealth Needs


June 26, 2017 (Cleveland) – Is there a benefit to having a financial advisor focused
on women?

For many women, the answer is probably ‘yes’ and the recently launched Luma
Wealth Advisors is ready to meet their planning needs.

Luma Wealth Advisors was established to provide women with personalized
wealth planning, experienced investment management, and a supportive,
enriching community where they can learn and connect with other women facing
the same issues as they are.

Research has found that many affluent women are dissatisfied with the financial
services industry and have had poor advisory experiences. A 2011 study, titled
“Women of Wealth: Why Does the Financial Services Industry Still Not Hear
Them?” was co-authored by Heather Ettinger, founder of Luma Wealth
Advisors. Published by The Family Wealth Advisors Council, the study showed
that many women feel they are not being heard or respected, and their needs are
generalized as homogeneous ‘women’s issues.’

Luma Wealth Advisors uses a team approach focused on getting to know each
client, including their professional goals, financial concerns, and dreams for the
future. “We understand that there are different types of women with different
needs, and that every woman is unique,” says Heather Ettinger. “Since there is
no one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor wealth planning to each client. And with
a deep understanding of their personal situation, we build, implement and
monitor their personalized investment strategy.”

According to Ken Coleman, a leader of Luma Wealth, “Those experiencing a life
transition are especially likely to benefit from having the support of an advisor
focused on women.” Over the course of time, many women change careers, find
themselves sandwiched between aging parents and growing children, get
divorced or lose their spouse. “We help women plan for the expected and
prepare for the unexpected.”

Providing community is another important aspect of what Luma Wealth
Advisors offers to its clients, with a host of educational programs on topics
including investing, raising financially responsible children, and building a
sustainable advisory board for business owners. “We offer a variety of social and
informational events for clients to have fun, learn, make connections and
celebrate women,” says Emily A. Drake, CFP® and Luma Wealth advisor. “And
we are deeply committed to helping empower women.”

Luma Wealth Advisors was founded to meet the unique financial planning needs
of women of wealth. Luma Wealth Advisors is a division of WealthTrust
Fairport, LLC, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information, please
contact Kristen Lucas at or call 866-995-6819.

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