If Mrs. Claus Were a Luma Wealth Client

There are some prospective clients we would love to work with — but we just can’t seem to reach them. Top of our list is Mrs. Claus. While Santa is making his list and checking it twice, Mrs. Claus is busy managing elf production, ensuring toy quotas are met and children on the “good” list receive their gifts in a timely manner by the allotted deadline. We know Mrs. Claus would be an ideal Luma Wealth client — here’s how we could help.

A second home, away from the North Pole
When you work hard, like Santa and Mrs. Claus, you need to take some time to rest and recharge. The North Pole is cold, so the Clauses might benefit from some relaxing time in the sun. A wealth plan could help them plan for the purchase of a well-deserved vacation home, and because Mr. and Mrs. Claus understand that even the reindeer need a break, they’ll find other means of travel. Since they’re such good savers during the rest of the year, maybe they’ll even treat themselves to a first-class flight directly to a tropical climate.

Business planning
Although the Clauses seem to have their operation completely under control, Luma Wealth is available to assist. After all their hard work, Mrs. Claus wants to make sure the elves are rewarded. We can help address some of the challenges of a family business and ensure the elves are a part of a succession plan. We have worked with many business owners, including when the business and family wealth are greatly intertwined.

Impact investing
As a good friend of Mother Nature, Mrs. Claus is deeply concerned about the environment. Luma Wealth can help ensure her investments align with her values.

Making connections
While Santa is probably jolly good company, Mrs. Claus may want to make connections with like-minded women. Perhaps she will attend our next Solutions for Women event where she can learn about the importance of financial planning for women?

Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night
Luma Wealth may not be able to connect with Mrs. Claus any time soon, but we can help you. Make wealth planning one of your New Year’s resolutions, and give us a call. And, if we do get in touch with Mrs. Claus, we’ll let you know what she has to say and which of our events she plans to attend.

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