Empower your friends

Helping a Friend Get Through a Transition

You want to be supportive when a good friend experiences a major life transition such as the loss of her spouse or divorce. You can be a shoulder to cry on, treat her to a nice dinner and keep an eye out for her kids ─ but what can you do if you’re concerned about her financial security?

In honor of Friendship Day, here are some ways to empower a friend to achieve her wealth goals without making her feel judged.

• Invite her to attend a Luma Wealth event. We host a range of educational and social events throughout the year covering an array of topics such as accumulating wealth, protecting your assets and raising financially responsible children. The events are fun, informative and interactive, and can be found on our website.

• Introduce her to your wealth advisor. Everyone appreciates a referral, especially when it comes to something as important as financial security. You share tips about doctors, nail salons and books – why not your wealth advisory experience?

• Point her toward valuable tools and resources. Luma Wealth has developed a library of resources to help women stay in financial control during life’s transitions, such as divorce. Visit the Informing Views section of our website for resources that can help.

Suggest she join our mailing list and follow us on social media. Many women want to learn about the services we provide before establishing a relationship. Let your friend know how to contact us for more information.

Do you have a friend who might benefit from informed advice and personalized service? Invite her to join our community.