Do you take care of yourself?

Make Yourself a Priority

In this issue of the Bulletin, we leverage the change of seasons to start a conversation about transition and rebirth to inspire your self-care. Too many women don’t prioritize taking care of themselves – yet, during times of transition, it’s especially important to stay mentally and physically healthy. Read the Bulletin for:

• Reasons why your health and well-being should be on the top of your list, with tips to help you be your best self

• Ideas for maintaining financial wellness, presented by Luma Wealth founder and Canyon Ranch guest speaker, Heather Ettinger

• A Q&A that provides information about the mental and physical benefits of Pilates, and other exercises women can do to build strength and prevent osteoporosis

• Suggestions for maintaining online safety and cyber wellness

• How to prepare for upcoming healthcare open enrollment

Life is uncertain, so be certain to take care of yourself. If you experience a life transition, contact your Luma Wealth Advisor for guidance on how to keep your financial life on track ─ so you can focus on your overall wellness.

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