Luma Wealth Bulletin

Studies have shown that college graduates earn more than those without degrees over a lifetime. But a college education doesn’t come cheap. In this issue of the Bulletin, you’ll get:

7 tips to prepare for and reduce the cost of higher education
College tuition expenses have risen much faster than the cost of other goods and services in the U.S. over the past 20 years. We offer several suggestions to save, defray and pay for those expenses.

A comparison of public versus private school costs
College costs can vary significantly. The Bulletin compares tuition and fees and room and board expenses for the top 15 universities in Ohio.

Deadline information
When it comes to college admissions, there are several dates applicants need to pay attention to, including application deadlines, commitment deadlines and the cut-offs for scholarships and financial aid applications. The Bulletin can help college applicants track these dates, so they don’t miss out.

An update on Luma Wealth team accolades
The Luma Wealth team works diligently to consistently deliver excellence. Read about the women of Luma Wealth who have been recognized as a Woman of Professional Excellence and a Distinguished Young Woman by the YWCA of Greater Cleveland.

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