Can your health affect your wealth?

You want to live life to the fullest, but have you thought about how keeping healthy can also help keep you wealthy?

Stay healthy. Earn more.
Countless studies have shown the correlation between good health and the factors associated with success at work. To begin, keeping fit helps you maintain a healthy brain. And getting even one more hour of sleep per night can help you think more clearly, reduce your risk of injury, improve your immunity, and help you eat less.

Avoid significant health care expenses.
Serious health conditions can take a financial toll. You may have to take time away from work, and if you don’t have full medical coverage or disability insurance, this can be extremely costly.

Keeping healthy can help you avoid taking time off for a disability, and reduce the likelihood of having to leave the work force prematurely. If an illness were to require you to retire sooner than planned, your lifetime earnings would be lower than expected, as would be the amount of funds accumulated in your 401(k) or other retirement savings plan.

Enjoy a long retirement.
Another thing to consider is the spiraling cost of health care, which can also negatively impact your retirement. A healthy life today is likely to reduce your medical costs both now and in the future, and help you live a long and happy retirement.

Luma Wealth Advisors can help you prepare.
We’ll help you craft a proactive plan for the future that includes funds to cover health care expenses, disability and long-term care insurance to protect you from the unexpected, and an asset allocation strategy that allows for a long retirement. And keeping yourself healthy can help!