Can you afford your bucket list?

When you think about wealth planning, chances are that saving for retirement, funding an educational savings account and legacy planning come to mind. But what about financing more discretionary goals, such as items on your bucket list?

The value of a bucket list
Whether you’d like to run a marathon, write your memoirs or jump out of a plane and into the rain forest, a bucket list gives you something to look forward to and can be motivating. And as you cross the items off your list, you’ll get a true feeling of accomplishment and irreplaceable memories.

The cost of your bucket list items
The things you want to experience or achieve over the course of your lifetime are unique to you, and some of them may be costly. An African safari with the family or a trip around the world can run tens of thousands of dollars. Opening a bed and breakfast or buying a vacation home on the beach will cost you even more. Or, perhaps you would like to establish a private foundation to support a charitable cause you believe in and make a difference.

We can help you cross the items off your list, guilt free
A robust, goal-oriented wealth plan can help you enjoy your bucket list experiences and remain confident that you stay on track to achieve all of your financial goals. At Luma Wealth, you get a customized wealth plan and investment strategy based on all of your needs and time frames – giving you greater control over your financial life and an opportunity to realize your dreams.

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