Can playing Mah Jongg make you wealthy?

Lessons Learned from Mah Jongg


Women around the U.S. are carefully studying this year’s Mah Jongg card, which was just released by the National Mah Jongg League. Mah Jongg is a highly social and somewhat complicated tile-based game that’s quickly gaining popularity – even Julia Roberts plays! Although the game originated in China, Americans, typically women, play a variant that uses more tiles and a card listing eligible hands of play (and values for betting) that changes each year.

The game requires patience, skill and a bit of luck and provides benefits, including a night out with friends and lessons that also apply to wealth planning, such as:

You need a goal. Choose the hand that’s best for you based on your unique situation. You’re more likely to win when you have a direction.
Knowledge is empowering. As soon as the card arrives, players will study the hands to give themselves an edge. Want knowledge that can help empower your finances? Join our upcoming Solutions for Women event!
Sometimes the winds don’t blow your way. What happens when the tile you need is thrown, and you can’t pick it up? As in life, sometimes you have to rearrange your hand and adjust to new circumstances.
Have a little cash on hand. Throw out the tile that wins Mah Jongg for another player, and you have to pay double. Make sure you have enough coins in your purse (and a reserve in the bank for a rainy day)!
A supportive community is priceless.Whether you win or lose, it’s always nice to share the experience.

If you don’t play, consider getting in on the action. It’s a way to relax, keep your mind alert and learn lessons that may even help you grow your wealth.

At Luma Wealth, we help clients play their best hand and navigate life’s transitions, so everyone’s a winner. To learn more, join us for an upcoming event!

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