Can Gardening Make You Wealthier?

Tomorrow is “Gardening Exercise Day,” celebrated to recognize the health benefits gardening can offer. But did you know that those same benefits can also make you wealthier? Here’s how.

Gardening helps keep you fit.
Studies have shown that you can burn a surprising number of calories in the garden. As you can see in the table, below, you can burn as many calories gardening as you can taking a brisk walk, and more than you would weight lifting or doing water aerobics.

Keeping fit can improve your work productivity
Regular exercise can make you more productive at work, help you get your job done faster (by increasing the blood flow to your brain) and make you more eligible for a promotion! And when you’re fit, you’re less likely to need time off work for a disability or have to exit the work force prematurely for health-related reasons.3 Gardening can help keep you in shape, giving you more time to earn money and save for retirement.

Wealth planning also burns calories!
Although you won’t get physically fit wealth planning, you are likely to become more financially fit. Need a strategy for growing your wealth while burning a few calories? Luma Wealth can help.

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