An important goal for women’s soccer

Champions in More Ways than One


The U.S. Women’s national soccer team was honored with a ticker tape parade and crowds of cheering fans upon their return from their World Cup victory in France. It was their fourth world championship and second in a row – but the team is not stopping there.

Shooting for equality
The team has banded together to fight for the right to equal pay. In March, they filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation to close the gender pay gap, demanding equal wages and working conditions comparable to what the men’s teams receive.

A win for the team is a win for all women
At a time when women earn 80 cents on the dollar,* the U.S. Women’s national soccer team is advocating for all women. Their success and popularity have garnered support for their cause, with parade attendees chanting for “Equal Pay” and holding placards defending their rights. And their efforts appear to be working, as Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia recently introduced a bill to prevent the government from funding the 2026 FIFA World Cup until the U.S. Soccer Federation agrees to equal pay for women.

The U.S. Women’s National Soccer team was undefeated in the world cup. We celebrate their tenacity both on and off the field and hope they score their next goal for equal pay for now and generations to come.

* U.S. Census Bureau