A strategy for giving

Your efforts make a difference
Giving your time, expertise or money can help a cause you believe in carry out its mission.

Giving can make you happier
Research shows that people who give boost their physical and mental health, and giving can also lower your blood pressure, increase self-esteem and reduce depression.

You encourage your children to be philanthropic
When you give or volunteer as a family, you share positive experiences, uniting your family around a common cause, and teach your children empathy, an important social skill.

Luma Wealth can help you make the most of your giving
There are many options for giving that offer a range of financial benefits, such as reducing your taxable estate or avoiding capital gains. Oftentimes, these options enable you to give a larger gift than if you give cash. We can help you evaluate organizations, determine your giving budget, and identify your best strategies for giving that help you make a difference.

For more information about giving the Luma Wealth way, download our piece below about Inspiring Philanthropy.

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