5 tips to stay motivated in 2019

As we count down the last days of 2018, you may be contemplating your goals for the year ahead. Should you train for a marathon? Take a course that sets you up for a promotion? Put your business plan into action? Whatever your goals may be, we offer five motivational tips that help you follow through.

Tip #1: Visualize.
Research shows that picturing success is one of the most effective ways to stay on track to achieve it. Create a detailed mental image of the outcome you’d like to achieve, such as your fisted hands in the air as you cross the finish line and picture your process for getting there. Visualization alters your mindset by giving you more confidence and making you feel more positive.

Tip #2: Break it down.
Some goals seem overwhelming, even unattainable, unless you break them down. Want to lose 50 pounds? Save enough to purchase a vacation home on the beach? Set mini-goals, such as getting yourself to the gym three days a week, substituting fruit instead of chips for your afternoon snack, and setting up a call with your Luma Wealth advisor.

Tip #3: Prioritize.
Your time is valuable and limited. Carve out time in your schedule for the things that matter most to you and move you closer to your goals. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to activities that may derail your progress or take shortcuts when you need to. Must you bake homemade cookies for the church bake sale or can you simply buy a batch from the local farm stand and set them nicely on a platter?

Tip #4: Be flexible and forgiving.
Don’t let a little hiccup in your plan throw you off course. Situations change. You may need to re-evaluate your strategy along the way and come up with Plan B. And should you make a mistake, forgive yourself, like you would forgive a friend, family member or colleague, and continue moving forward.

Tip #5: Celebrate success!
After achieving each milestone, give yourself a pat on the back and share your good news with a friend. Every little success provides encouragement to continue and before you know it, you’ll have achieved your goal and move on to the next.

At Luma Wealth, we love to help clients achieve their goals and applaud their accomplishments! Give us a call so we can talk about your 2019 resolutions.

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