5 Tips for working with your wealth advisor

Your wealth advisor wants you to achieve your wealth goals. Your best chance at success is through open communication, with relationship expectations set up front.

1. Help your advisor get to know you
We take a holistic approach to getting to know you and understanding your wealth goals, and we can help you best if you engage with your advisor on a continuing basis, because each part of the process is interdependent and requires client information or participation.

2. Trust the experts
Your Luma Wealth team is experienced, knowledgeable and credentialed, including CPAs, CFP® professionals and CFA charterholders who work diligently on your behalf, implementing and monitoring your wealth plan.

3. Embrace the investment philosophy
At Luma Wealth, we believe that diversification is key to sound investing. Your Luma Wealth advisory team will build, implement and monitor your investment strategy with a deep understanding of your personal and professional situation and your goals for the future.

4.  Watch out for time sensitive materials
Many financial planning issues are time sensitive. Please take notice if you receive an important document and provide requested data in a timely fashion so we can process the information as efficiently as possible for you.

5. Let your advisor know if he or she can do better
Your advisor is committed to delivering the best possible service and wants to hear from you if you are ever dissatisfied.

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